Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Mission

Good morning csnet.

Colonel Joan Marpa, our deep cover operative in Uzbekistan since 1973, was recently captured by a dark force regiment disguised as rabid chipmunks. Losing the Colonel has severely compromised our ability to neutralize global slave trade operations. The Global Financial Network has seized this opportunity to expand its criminal operations around the world. The GFN is activating key agents in China, Italy, and its plan in the United States is already underway.

Unknown to the producers of the show, the GFN has placed several of its most experienced agents as contestants in the television program "Big Brother 6" airing 3 times a week this summer on the CBS network and 24/7 over Internet live feeds. The aim of these agents is to sustain a level 22 negativity field within the Big Brother House, and project this field to all who watch the show and live Internet feeds. A critical mass of 10.17 million viewers would start a chain reaction that will result in mass acceptance of slavery, captivity, and servitude to the dark forces that guide the GFN.

Unknown to the GFN agents in the house, one of the GFN agents is in fact our operative Sarah, who has been under cover with these agents for 7 years, reporting to Colonel Marpa details of GFN operations. However, shortly after the capture of Marpa, Sarah succumbed to a spell cast by the GFN agents in the house, and now believes she is one of them. Ordinarily, Sarah's training with Colonel Marpa makes her fully capable of neutralizing the global slave trade without any assistance, however, this spell has neutralized her ability to transform darkness with light.

We have one other agent in the house, code name Kaysar, whose length of stay in the house is determined by all the other contestants, including the GFN operatives, and may end before he can break the spell that Sarah is under. It is clear that agent Kaysar must assume a support role in a major new initiative.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to free Sarah from the spell of the GFN agents, so that she can neutralize the GFN plan before critical mass.

Should you or any of your agents be caught or killed, my secretary will say that I'm not in.

Good luck!