Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 13

The best plans are implemented after a good nap. The HamsterWatch site has already reported our first encounter in this mission.

Very early this morning Sarah entered the gold room sleep walking, where the live feeds happened to be recording agent Kaysar. In 25 seconds, agent Kaysar was able to remove the darkness cast by the snake tongue the previous evening.

Sarah has been sleepwalking to subconsciously meet several of our spirit agents who have infiltrated the house. This sleepwalking has not been without minor injuries, that Sarah discussed with the cruel slave master later today in the large bed room:

Sarah: I have another bruise. I have one on my thigh, too.

Slave Master: Where did they come from?

Sarah: I don't know.

The spell is still strong. Sarah appears to be joined with the snake tongue and the cruel slave master, but this is to be expected in the presence of so much negativity. Overall, it was a day of progress, and time is growing short.

Sorry about the fishes. The entry of our spirit agents through the fish tank made the water cloudy, however no fish were harmed in the making of our entry. They were eaten because I am a cat and they looked really tasty.