Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 12

The cruel tyrant would be pleased to know that the 4 month relationship cover story was broadcast tonight.

It was confirmed today that some of the other dark spirits in the house detected agent Kaysar's eye movies in the hammock yesterday. It is nothing agent Kaysar cannot handle.

After the eviction tonight, the evil tongue lasher swooped in to reach Sarah's subconscious and erase the truth revealed to Sarah yesterday.

After an hour long monologue abusively berating others not present, the tongue lasher swooped away. Sarah turned to the Nurse and said "I have a headache". Perfect. That is the sign that Sarah was not touched by the bashing.

I just skimmed the misssion statement again. Perhaps I should not have waited until Day 10 to do anything. I probably need to be doing more here, such as assembling a team, infiltrating the house, and getting Sarah free of that spell.

Hmmm. First I need some food and a nap.